Technology alone is not a Silver Bullet...


Companies of all sizes across industries need to drive maximum value from their business commerce initiatives. But commerce is hard. And technology alone won’t make it easier. Successful commerce is driven by a combination of technology, capabilities, and community. So how can you ensure success as you plan, deploy, and adopt a business commerce program to deliver world-class results to your organization?

There are multiple challenges to getting the most out of your business commerce initiatives, including:

  • Developing a business case and program approach
  • Setting expectations and securing executive support
  • Fueling change management
  • Marketing efforts internally
  • Enabling trading partners
  • Driving adoption by category, geography, function, etc.
  • Testing technology for acceptance, data, and integration
  • Accessing external resources and expertise to fill internal gaps

Companies must not only prepare for deployment of their technology, but the change necessary to fully leverage their new solution over the long haul.


Typical Spend Management Goals:

  • Gain visibility to what we're buying
  • Reduce maverick spend
  • Ensure we pay the right price
  • Streamline processes
  • Increase our percentage of spend with Preferred Suppliers
  • Improve controls
  • Provide foundation for additional opportunities

There are several critical success factors for driving adoption and maximizing solution value. These will be discussed in part 2 of this Knowledge Nugget


Part 2 of 3: Critical Success Factors for Driving Adoption and Maximizing Solution Value