Parts 1 and 2 of this week's Knowledge Nugget talked about how more than just technology is needed for better business commerce. You need capabilities and community along with technology to gain the most benefits and make commerce easier.


Here in part 3 we will look at Ariba's Value Enablement Services and how they can save you money and make commerce easier for you.


Why Ariba Value Enablement
Ariba has provided business commerce support to companies around the world for more than a decade. And the most-successful organizations share a few things in common:

    1. A comprehensive approach to business commerce that incorporates technology, community, and capabilities
    2. A structured approach based on industry best practices
    3. A solid business case and ROI model that incorporates milestones and tracking devices


Based on these characteristics, Ariba has created a “one-stop shop” approach that delivers all the resources and expertise that companies need to overcome the challenges to commerce, including:

    • Market intelligence
    • Change management strategies and templates
    • Organizational maps and best-practice approaches
    • World’s-largest network of pre-enabled trading partners
    • Flight-planning expertise by category, geography, and function
    • Technology deployment and integration capabilities


Ensure commerce program success with programs that consider business case development, planning, deployment, flight-planning, organization needs, trading partner strategies, and adoption.


10-18-2010 1-53-42 PM.png


Defining True Spend Management

  • requires a strategic end-to-end view of spend management across all categories of spend from technology, organization and process perspectives


10-18-2010 1-55-29 PM.png

Across 100% of your spend base


It is very important to define what spend management is, and more importantly what it is not. It is not inventory management, nor asset management and nor supply chain management, even though it touches and links to all these enterprise processes. Spend management is only about two things.
    1. Creating and managing best-class contracts through continuous sourcing, and
    2. Ensuring that people within the enterprise comply with the contracts put in place with suppliers as well as internal purchasing policies.
    To do this effectively across all areas of spend, enterprises need to increase their “sourcing throughput”, i.e. rate and breadth of spend sourced and savings negotiated); and their “enablement put-through”, i.e. rate and breadth of spend enabled for purchasing against contracts and policies, so as to increase negotiated savings.



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