It is getting to be that busy and hectic time of year when the only thing you wish for is more time.  Well, we can't give you more time, but we can give you a recorded version of Part 1 and 2 of the Contract Management Lunch 'n Learn series conducted by the Customer Success Team.  


If you are a Ariba customer and have not heard about the Customer Success Lunch 'n Learn webinar series, join our Customer Success Group and have access to monthly Lunch 'n Learn Demos, Demo Replays, Customer Spotlight Reference calls, Best Practice tips, and much, much more!


To quote one of my customers who contacted me after the demo yesterday, "They [the webinars] are very helpful.  They are the right content and the right timing to me.  I  applied what I learned right away since I am preparing a main agreement for our CM template, now. "


Customer Success........we are the gift that keeps on giving!