Serving 200 countries and generating nearly 6 billion euros in 2009 revenues, TNT Express is a leading global provider of door-to-door air and road express delivery services. In addition to driving packages, TNT Express is driving invoice automation effectiveness, and is on track to achieve a 300% productivity improvement of invoices processed per full time staff on a global basis.


As the featured speaker of our December 7 webinar, Jonathon Crumblehulme, TNT Express P2P program manager, explained how Ariba is helping extend its SAP environment for global e-Invoicing. As Jonathon tells it, Ariba simply offers a better solution for inter-enterprise invoice processing than SAP.  Ariba’s solution supports multiple file formats including e-files (eg. EDI, cXML, CSV) from large suppliers, and the PO-Flip® functionality that allows suppliers to create an invoice from a purchase order to reduce data entry time and avoid errors.


While acknowledging that paper invoice scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is part of a complete invoice process automation solution, Jonathon sees it as a short-term fix. “The core of our solution involves supplier invoices delivered through the Ariba Network,” he said. “Our expectation is to move our suppliers to e-invoicing.”


I shared some recent Billentis Market research, showing where in the past it has been difficult to find a suitable solution provider for global e-Invoicing needs, today’s challenge is in finding a provider who can offer a broad range of solutions for the next wave of automation savings. While essentially every global e-Invoice provider offers VAT compliance and format flexibility, only a few providers, like Ariba, offer the next level of automation for e-Procurement, catalog management, e-Invoicing, payment remittance, and working capital optimization.


An audience poll revealed that two-thirds of webinar attendees plan to go beyond e-invoicing and include related business processes such as catalog and content management, purchase order and payment automation, and early payment discounts in their e-Invoicing initiatives. At TNT Express, Ariba Procurement Content for managing supplier catalogs was a valuable enhancement to its e-invoicing solution.


“Ariba has a powerful network that is not just for e-invoicing, and offers many supplier management tools,” said Jonathon.


Early indications are that TNT Express is on track to achieve 300% productivity savings with Ariba e-Invoicing. I sure look forward to monitoring their success as their global e-Invoice program unfolds.


I've attached a copy of the webinar slides to this posting. Additionally, you can watch the recorded webinar on my best-practice series web site