Businesses have spent billions streamlining their internal operations. Yet few have tackled the inefficiencies typically involved in dealings between companies. But the fact is, the payoffs of doing so can be significant. For example, when buyers and sellers optimize business commerce by eliminating paper-based processes and outdated infrastructures that lead to lost productivity and revenue, they gain a competitive edge.

But even with automated systems and processes in place, buyers often struggle to collaborate effectively with sellers. In fact, 80 percent of buyerseller collaboration is still handled manually. In addition, most struggle with lack of visibility into nearly 60 percent of total spend. At the same time, sellers also face major obstacles as they strive to increase market share and business from existing customers – goals that are harder than ever to achieve in today’s economy. To overcome these challenges, companies need a roadmap for enabling collaborative business commerce.

AribaConnection Solutions solve these problems by enabling buyers and sellers to establish and strengthen professional trading relationships. This offering leverages proven methodologies to help buyers discover, connect and collaborate with Ariba-enabled sellers and provides sellers with increased exposure and opportunities to collaborate with Ariba Global 2000 buyers. The ultimate goal is to connect like-minded buyers and sellers so they can migrate offline business to online channels and fully realize the value of the Ariba Network.

How does this differ from Ariba Discovery™?


Ariba Discovery™ offers automated tools to help you connect with a broad selection of buyers who are actively sourcing new suppliers, whereas AribaConnection Solutions deliver customized resources to support transacting with more of your customers on the network. The consulting-style approach helps you proactively optimize your relationships with underleveraged trading partners while finding and maximizing traction with new ones.


AribaConnection Solutions focus on four key areas:


Volume Acceleration. Comprehensive data collection and root cause analysis of your on- and offline transactions are combined with customer outreach to help you drive more transactions through the Ariba Network


Transaction Jump-Start. Ariba works with you to research and understand why transactions aren’t yet flowing over the Ariba Network with established trading relationships and then helps develop an action plan to remedy the situation so you can realize expected ROI.


Collaboration Alignment. Cross-referencing of your existing customer list with data on Ariba Network buyers lets you identify companies with whom you could be transacting online but are not. You also get help establishing more collaborative relationships with those customers and creating mutually acceptable on boarding strategies.


Prospective Partner Engagement. Careful selection of potential trading partners who represent a good fit for your business is followed by networking gatherings and webinars, one-on-one meetings, and other personalized assistance to help you engage and assess opportunities for working together. This includes things like connection calls that let you market your business to a specific buyers and spotlight calls that give you a forum to educate large groups of buyers about specific eCommerce topics.*
*For elite seller partners only


Ariba Network—AN49 Release


As we approach our release of AN49, once again, Ariba is ready to enhance the world's leading business network. Targeted for this weekend, we will upgrade the Ariba Network to Release 49 (AN49), which will deliver many new features to improve the way you buy, sell, or manage cash. Here is a short list of the key features that will be offered in Release 49 - For more information visit Ariba Connect and view the release guide*:


Enhanced Supplier Matching: To boost the quality of matches between Supplier Discovery Postings and suppliers, the system now empowers users with the ability to indicate bad matches. Indicating bad matches gives Ariba the ability to continue to improve matching in the future. Suppliers can also add sub-users to their account, expanding the number of users that can log in to Discovery. To improve geographical matching, buyers and suppliers are now required to select precise territories for postings and supplier profiles.

Improved Communications: Enhancements have been made to Ariba Discovery's posting and response process to help increase communications and give greater transparency to suppliers. When a response to a posting has been read, Ariba Discovery now sends notifications to suppliers. When a posting is closed, Ariba Discovery will send a summary that lists how many shortlists and awards were involved to suppliers, as well as an alert to buyers encouraging them to shortlist and rate suppliers. Suppliers can also more easily opt-out of specific types of messages using the improved opt-out control panel in their profile.

More Detailed Commodity Selection: When selecting goods or services (commodities) users will be required to make more detailed selections. This will improve the general data quality of both supplier profiles and buyers' postings. Buyers will be further limited to selecting up to three commodities, in order to assure a more limited and accurate match with supplier capabilities. Purchasing needs that span more than three commodities should be broken up into multiple postings, so each good/service need is matched with the most applicable and capable suppliers.
* Release details subject to change. For full details of release AN 49; please see Final Release notes located on Ariba Connect

Ariba Activity Data: In a release scheduled for later this fall, Ariba Discovery will add a new tab in suppliers’ profiles which allows the community to view suppliers’ activity across multiple Ariba solutions, including Ariba Sourcing, the Ariba Network and Ariba Discovery. Aggregated data gathered from various application systems provides more indepth detail about the capabilities, performance, qualifications, and competitiveness of suppliers.

Abuse Reporting Tool: Ariba Discovery now gives buyers the ability to report and flag suppliers who respond to postings with spam messages or abuse and misuse the system. When an abuse incident is reported, an investigation is triggered to evaluate the situation.


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Beverly Dunn is a Customer Success Manager with Ariba. All customers are invited to join the private Customer Success group on Ariba Exchange, where you can access the Customer Success Spotlights, Lunch 'n Learn Webinar calendar and replays, and the Ariba Knowledge Nuggets.