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Sourcing:  Matrix Pricing

Host:  Joe Simoni, Ariba Solutions Consultant                                                                                                      


Tues., Feb. 8, 2011 @ 11:30 est


Please join The Customer Success Team and Joe Simoni, as we present the Matrix pricing feature available in Ariba Sourcing Professional. Matrix Pricing allows participants the ability to provide different prices or values for pre-defined matrix factors. Sourcing Managers can define the matrix factors, such as geographic location. This feature is used when price depends on a spend factor that can be defined and quantified.


Here are two examples of situations in which buyers would use Matrix Pricing:


• Offers depend on delivery date. Suppose I'm buying food items for a grocery store. I want suppliers to provide prices for each item, but I know that suppliers have seasonal price adjustments on a quarterly basis throughout the year. If I want to source these items for the upcoming year, I need to let suppliers provide different prices for each quarter.


• Offers depending on geography. Suppose I have four warehouses to which my suppliers must ship. Since I put the burden of shipping costs on the suppliers, I need to let them charge me different prices for different regions so they can quote accurate prices. Indeed if I want to separate out shipping expenses, I can let suppliers provide different shipping expenses for different regions in addition to different prices.


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