For Buyers:  Identify your barriers, know your enemies:
    a.  External Pressure:
        i.   Unpredictabe commodity prices
        ii.  Spot shortages of key raw materials
        iii.  Increased global competition
        iv.  Impaired economic condition of your customer base
        v.   Decreased supplier capacity and viability
        vi.  Increased supply risk
        vii. Regulatory changes


     b.  Internal Pressure
        i.   Reducing costs
        ii.  Lack of resources, automation or expertise
        iii. Sourcing the right categories 
        iv. Avoiding both price and supply risk
        v.  Organizational silos and legacy systems
        vi.  ERP syste, lacking functionality and adoption
        vii. Expanding supply base globally


Once these barriers are identified, please contact your Customer Success Manager on how these barriers can be removed to achieve maximum sourcing success.



Jane Fraley is a Customer Success  Manager with Ariba. All customers are invited to join the private Customer Success group on Ariba Exchange, where you can access the Customer Success Spotlights, Lunch 'n Learn Webinar calendar and replays, and the Ariba Knowledge Nuggets.