What do the following scheduled tasks do?

PurgeExpiredOnlineNotificationsTask, OrgProfileSyncTask, and CleanupInactiveTokens.


1. PurgeExpiredOnlineNotificationsTask:  When a user sends a message or gets a certain notification they get a popup for the message. This task cleans up and archives these notifications to remove old data and prevent performance lags.


2. OrgProfileSyncTask: This is a Sourcing task that synchronizes the profile questions between the Organization object and the Supplier Profile Questionnaire objects that are mapped to it. For example, "Minority Owned" and "Is Minority Owned". If the answer is updated at the Organization Level this task synchronizes the answer at the Supplier Profile Questionnaire level. 


3. CleanupInactiveTokens: When a new password is requested, the URL is sent and a token is created. The token identifies the password reset for a specific user. This task cleans up the tokens after the expiration.




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