Hey everybody, listen up!! We’re assembling a crack team of some of the most successful sellers on the Ariba Network. And we’re making them available so you can pick their brains during a live Q&A/chat session on how to use eCommerce to drive online sales. You’ll get to chat with Robert Calvert, B2B Program Manager with Hewlett Packard, and Kevin Govin, CEO of MarkMaster.


These experts will be joined by technical and business-strategy personnel from Ariba. And you’ll be able to ask such questions as:


  • What steps must I take to transform my e-commerce solution into a sales driver?
  • How can I get Sales to use our e-commerce tools to drive revenue?
  • What impact will such an effort have on our bottom line?
  • What should I do to our website to attract new customers?


So, what do you want to find out? Start putting your questions together, and register now. This is a really good opportunity to meet some industry leaders and gain valuable insights from Ariba’s buyers and sellers.


Here are the event details:



September 29, 2011



11:00 a.m. PST |2:00 p.m. EST


Expert Panel:

Robert Calvert

B2Bi Program Manager

Hewlett Packard

HP achieved acceleration and automation of the order-to-payment cycle by using online catalogs, order and invoicing.


Kevin Govin



MarkMaster has driven sales growth of 20% a year since 2000 through eCommerce.


To register, please go to http://www.avitage.com/ariba/chat/.



If you have any questions about the chat, please email us at programs_info@ariba.com.