Or maybe what are the two most important Network features when transitioning from e-commerce into a real sales channel? Do customers like the e-commerce relationship vs. the traditional sales relationship? Do you need CIF or PunchOut Catalogs, brochures, sales calls to drive sales online?


Well, to find the answers that you need all you have to do is to join us for our upcoming live Q&A/Chat session with a panel of some of our most successful sellers and business-strategy specialists.  They will answer in real time all your questions on how to go beyond catalogs and purchasing to leverage your eCommerce solutions as a new revenue vehicle for your sales organization.


This is your chance to ask specific questions as well as see the answers to questions asked by buyers and sellers around metrics, tips, best practices strategies and whatever else you can dream up.


To register, please go to http://www.avitage.com/ariba/chat



September 29, 2011



11:00 a.m. PST | 2:00 p.m. EST


Expert Panel:

Robert Calvert

B2Bi Program Manager

Hewlett Packard

HP achieved acceleration and automation of the order-to-payment cycle by using online catalogs, order and invoicing.


Kevin Govin



MarkMaster has driven sales growth of 20% a year since 2000 through eCommerce.


To register, please go to http://www.avitage.com/ariba/chat