Ariba Customer Support is happy to promote the Known Issues list, a new way to get current information about defects that affect your on-demand Ariba solutions. Because we commit to making Ariba Connect and Help@Ariba the best place to enhance the effective usage of your Ariba solutions, the Known Issues list lets you proactively get information about issues that could affect you or your colleagues. Each Known Issue explains a technical problem that one of our users reports, provides a workaround to the problem if known, and indicates our progress on fixing the problem.


For your convenience, each Known Issue also allows a user of Ariba Connect who can normally submit service requests to let us know that this specific problem affects them. This helps expedite the service request process.


The Known Issues list updates every weekday, and individual Known Issues can be searched just like any other solution. You can find a list of Known Issues on the Product Summary tab of your Ariba Connect Home page or at the bottom of any Help@Ariba page within your on-demand site.