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You’re on your Ariba business commerce journey. You and your team have worked hard to make it successful. It’s making valuable contributions to your business. Now is the time to capitalize on it and demonstrate your success to a broader audience.


The Ariba Global Reference Program encourages you to showcase your success for a number of reasons:

  • It’s good publicity. It shows your customers, prospects, and peers that you are a progressive company, always looking for ways to better run your business and serve your customers.
  • It positions you and your team as Ariba business commerce experts, recognizing your success, the knowledge and skills you have gained, and the efforts you have made.
  • Share your best practices.
  • It builds on our existing relationship and provides us with another vehicle for bringing our two organizations closer together.


Put yourself in a positive light by showcasing your business and technology successes - in the public eye and within your organization - by participating in reference activities. Ariba's Global Reference Program will position you as an industry leader to your peers, as well as within the Ariba organization.


Our program is structured to balance your time and resource availability with our needs for both marketing and sales networking activities. There are no obligations to becoming a member of the Ariba Global Reference Program other than the simple understanding that you have agreed to participate in reference activities as requested based on your availability. Requests for reference activities are made through a centralized team that is familiar with your relationship with Ariba and with your expectations and limitations for reference activity. Periodically, this team will revisit your participation and level of involvement in the program.


How Does the Program Work?

The reference review step is crucial for many companies who want to ensure they are making the correct business commerce decision. We want you, as a reference customer, to deliver an honest, professional and candid opinion of your experiences with Ariba.


Ariba offers several different formats to suit your communications style:


Conference Calls

Ariba prospective customers, or existing customers, may want to hear your experience via a prescheduled conference call. This is the best format to maximize your time and the requests that you might receive as a reference customer. Multiple prospects can register for a prescheduled call that you have set aside in advance. The call typically begins with a short company overview, followed by a discussion of your overall project plan, what was the driving factor to embark on your business commerce journey, the selection process and the implementation details. A Q&A session follows each presentation.


Prior to any scheduled call, you will receive a background form on each prospect company that has requested to speak with you containing details on their business, list of attendees from their organization, and possible questions.


Site Visits

On occasion, a prospective customer may request to visit an existing Ariba customer onsite at their location. If you are willing to host a site visit, the expectation set with the attendees is that the visit should take no longer than a half day (usually in the morning) and conclude around lunchtime. This allows for a nice natural break in the day and if extra time is needed, the two companies can choose to conclude the visit over a joint lunch. The visit will allow you to showcase your business commerce journey “live” to the attendees by giving them a tour of key areas (if your company policy permits). Site visits will have at least one Ariba representative on hand to ensure that the visit stays on schedule and that your work day is minimally impacted.


One-on-One Calls

As much as we would like to drive as many prospects to your prescheduled monthly call, there will be times that a prospect is unavailable due to holiday schedules, time-zone differences, etc. As a result, they may request to speak to you at another time that works with your schedule. Just as in the prescheduled conference calls, prior to any scheduled call, you will receive a background form on each prospect company that has requested to speak with you containing details on their business, list of attendees from their organization, and possible questions.


Global Marketing Activities

In this day of increasingly tight marketing and publicity budgets having a promotional partner can be a great benefit! Ariba wants to work with you to combine our stories for the most powerful impact for marketing and public relations outreach. Your participation in the activities below can give your company visibility among your peers in key publications, among the press, and to potential customers looking for a technologically savvy organization with which to do business.


Media Relations: Press Releases/Customer Quotes

We distribute press releases to highlight a variety of activities including trends, new customers, go-lives and new product offerings. If your company is involved in any newsworthy activities with Ariba, you may be asked to provide a quote describing why you chose Ariba and how the solution has benefited your company. Your organization would see the quote before it appears in print and would have final approval on the wording of the quote. At other times, Ariba may request that your company name appear in a release, which would also be based on prior approval from your organization via your customer contract.


Case Study/ROI Study

A case study or ROI study is a critical tool within a reference program. This informative piece allows for greater access to your business commerce story. The profiles promote your company via numerous distribution avenues, thereby bringing visibility to your success. Usually written based on a pre-arranged customer interview, case studies showcase innovative applications and describe benefits your company has achieved through your Ariba investment. A draft of all case studies are provided to your organization for approval before the final piece is shared internally at Ariba or published externally. Once completed and approved, they will be posted on the Ariba website for prospects, existing customers, and the general public to view.


Conferences, Trade Shows, or Panels

Occasionally, Ariba reference customers are asked to speak at seminars, conferences, trade shows, internal meetings, or an Ariba conference such as Ariba LIVE. Ariba will provide background preparation and briefing information on the show, its audience, and suggested topics and can assist in the creation of speeches or presentations for such events, which may involve live interviews with reporters or industry analysts. If you agree to take part in such an interview, you will be fully briefed in advance by the Ariba PR team. As with any interview, the result could be a quote in an article or a full feature article focused on your business commerce journey. Any offer to present will cover travel and expense reimbursement


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Beverly Dunn is a Client Engagement Executive with Ariba. All customers are invited to join the private Customer Success group on Ariba Exchange, where you can access the Customer Success Spotlights, Lunch 'n Learn Webinar calendar and replays, and the Ariba Knowledge Nuggets.