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Effective contract management has emerged as a crucial function to improve profitability, support compliance and manage risk. Yet, many companies continue to struggle to locate their existing contracts let alone manage them. And onerous legal procedures and shifting regulations make it difficult to create best-value agreements that simultaneously maximize profits and minimize risks.  Ariba Contract Management solutions are designed to help you overcome these challenges by providing full visibility into contracts, enhancing compliance and reporting, and streamlining the contracting and administration processes.  




Here are some FAQ to help you maximize your contracts tool: 


Question.jpg How can I change the process status of my contract on the Overview page?


It is not possible to change the process status of a contract workspace manually. This setting is defined by the template creator at the template level. After creating a task within the workspace template and setting Field Setting for the template to Process Status, the template creator selects a particular status (executed, executing, etc.) After this task is completed within a given workspace, the process status of the project changes. All projects inherit this setting from the template used, so there is no way to change it within an existing project.When this task is completed, the contract process status changes accordingly.


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Question.jpgWhy am I unable to delete my contract workspace?


A number of factors can prevent users from deleting contract workspaces. Any of the following conditions could prevent you from deleting your workspace:


Non Test Projects:

  • The workspace is published
  • The contract is a parent agreement
  • Tasks are not completed


Test and Non Test Projects:

  • Approval tasks within the project are submitted or completed
  • The workspace is published
  • You are not the owner of the Contract Workspace
  • The project contains a reference to an object in Ariba Buyer, such as Ariba Contract Compliance (ACC) object or requisition


** Please note that system parameters can determine whether you can delete workspaces. Changes to site parameters require a request in writing by Site Sponsorscookie-monster-computer-internet-delete-cookies1.jpg


Question.jpgThe site seems to be running slowly, and I keep seeing a blue progress bar go across the screen.

                What can I do to speed processing?


This can often be corrected by, simply deleting cookies and temporary Internet files. To do this, open the Tools menu of Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. Go to the General tab, click the Delete Cookies button, and click OK. Then, click the Delete Files button beside it, check the box in the pop-up that appears, and click OK again. Restart your Internet browser. Note that the previous steps are for Internet Explorer® version six. If you have version seven, you see one Delete button on the General tab in the Browsing History section.  Click this button to delete both temporary Internet files and cookies.





Question.jpgI am working on a Main Agreement/Addendum with Desktop File Sync enabled. After changing and updating it on the site, the Outline View does not match the document. What can I do?


In this situation, you can try the following options:


With DFS enabled, go to the Documents tab of your workspace, click the document in question, and select View Details.

· Go to the Outline View tab.

· Click the Actions button at the top of the page.

· Select Fully Synchronize document.


This forces the system to rebuild the Outline View based on what it finds in the Microsoft Word copy of the document.


If the outline view still does not match the document, you can try the following:


· Save the Word document on your computer in a location outside of the DFS folder using File>Save As.(You may want to slightly change the title, to avoid confusion.)

· Go to the Documents tab of your project.

· Click the document, and select Replace Document.

· Browse to the correct version of your document on your computer and replace the existing document with the new version.

· Generate the document.


Question.jpgHow do I add bookmarks to my document in Microsoft Word ?

First, highlight the text that you would like to bookmark. Then, open the Insert menu at the top of the page and choose Bookmark. Enter a name for the bookmark according to the following guidelines:




Bookmark table.jpg

Note that these names are case sensitive. The <uniqueID> is replaced by whatever name you choose to give it (alphanumeric characters only).




Question.jpgIs it possible to assign someone who is not a user of the site as an approver/reviewer?

Yes. To do this, users can add an email reviewer. To start, create the task as you normally would. If this is the first-time assignment of tasks to this person, use the link for new email reviewer to create an email reviewer account for them. Please, note that this is not a user account to log into the site –- it is only for email reviews.


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If this person has previously assigned tasks, find their email reviewer account by using the drop-down menu for Reviewers and choosing search for others. Then, search for them by name. Note that the account type displays as “email reviewer.”