A couple hours into the IACCM Americas Conference: 'Contracting as a Corporate Competence' and already some great insights for contracting professionals.


Dalip Raheja, CEO of The Mpower Group observed that implementation and process alone will NOT deliver business results.  In Dalip's words, you most focus on the vowels: (A)doption, (E)xecution, (I)mplementation, (O)ptimization, (U)tilization.


Also in the introductory presentations, Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee and author of 'Vested Outsourcing' (http://ow.ly/1q0be) shared some insightful thoughts on the topic vested outsourcing.  For one, Kate says that outsourcing to experts, then telling them how to do something is a counterproductive business model.  She shared the 5 rules of vested outsourcing detailed in her book:


1) Seek an outcome-based vs. transaction-based business model

2) Focus on the what not the how

3) Have clearly defined and measurable outcomes

4) Assure that pricing model incentives are optimized for cost/service trade-offs

5) Understand insight vs. oversight governance structures