Tim Cummins of IACCM (here's a link to his blog: http://tcummins.wordpress.com/) led a thought-provoking breakout session at Ariba LIVE Amsterdam yesterday.  Among many topics, Tim and those in attendance discussed:

  • Why flexibility is critical in contracting.  Tim referred to an actual business case where an organization leveraged a fallback clause in a commonly-challenged indemnity clause as a negotiating chip resulting in over 50 million EURO in savings in a single year.
  • How and why it is critical that procurement considers building solid relationships...and is not focused solely on cost containment/savings.
  • The sell-side view of contracting.  After all, as Tim correctly points out, procurement doesn't exist in ANY organization without a revenue-generating business.
  • And how contract management automation can help to achieve these objectives.


I spoke with Tim after the session and am excited to report that he has agreed to periodically chime in here on the Exchange with his thoughts going forward.  Stay tuned.


If anyone would like Tim to elaborate on any of the topics above or on something else in the world of contracting, feel free to respond to this thread which we'll use for content ideas going forward.