It is that time again; time to start the planning and prioritization of the features to be included in the next Upstream Release.  We have identified the top candidates for the next release after 10s2 and we would like feedback from the user base on which features are the most important.



This year, we will be conducting the survey with the aid of Ariba Exchange to allow for discussions about the proposed functionality.  If you have not yet joined, please do so as we will distribute the survey within the solution specific communities!


The survey will be available on June 28th, and we will be accepting responses until July 9th.  The easiest way to get the survey is to email me directly at:



This survey is not limited to OnDemand customers only. We would like to hear from all users of Ariba’s Upstream Solutions.  We will institute cumulative voting so customers can provide value to their votes.  Each submitter of a response will have a number of votes that they can distribute across the features anyway they choose. For example, each submitter could put one vote on each feature, or the submitter could put more votes on fewer features to give those features greater importance.



We will use these responses to help us narrow down the list of features to build a release plan for the next release.  Your opinion on where we go with the Solution is very important in this process.



If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at



Thank you!



Dan Reid