Hello Contract Management community!


Ariba Contract Management users (that's you!) have traditionally been focused on external contracts - either as a buyer or seller....  Makes total sense, because those are the obvious ones, and often the ones that make the headlines. But we understand that there are other types of contracts.  Some people call these "Corporate" contracts, or "Inside" contracts... that is a contract that doesn't deal with either a buyer or a seller.  Examples are IP contracts, HR contracts, and myriad other use cases (don't want to give them all away in my intro!).  Ariba is introducing a new "bucket" for contracts called "Internal Contracts" in 10s2, and we are curious what you might use them for.  We have gotten feedback over the past year from User Groups, one-on-one interactions and (!!!) even a defect or two...    But we'd like to hear what you are thinking of using this functionality for.


We are especially interested in this from a business case and privacy perspective.


No one wants to just read my blurb, so I recorded a Video to show you what I am talking about.  In this short video, I walk through the new functionality. Have a look and of course, if you have any feedback on how this may (or may not) help with how you use Contract Management, please post it in the comments.



Thanks for your input as always!


-Dan Reid

Senior Product Manager, Contract Management