Some analysts and thought leaders continue to debate the market's appetite to move their critical contracts and processes from traditional on-premise storage to the cloud.  While SaaS delivery may not be the right option for all organizations, Ariba has seen a marked shift illustrated by the fact that 80%+ of Ariba contract management customers today, do so via SaaS.


For those who still may be skeptical, whether you go with Ariba or another vendor, consider your provider's capabilities in the following areas:


1) Physical security - guarded servers, restricted access, etc.

2) Data security - mulit-layered firewall protection, data encryption, password encryption, intrusion detection systems

3) Availability & reliability - guaranteed uptimes, proactive notification of downtimes, tier redundancy, diasaster recovery plans, failover modes

4) Security certification - WebTrust, SAS70, independent audits assuring provider conforms to established principles


A recent Ariba white paper, Contract Management in the Cloud, shares much more info: