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Ariba Brings Contract Management to Cloud 2 on the Platform

New app promotes collaboration to help companies increase sales, improve revenue and execute contracts more efficiently 

SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 5, 2011 – Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBA), the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, today announced that Ariba® Contracts will be available on A new application delivered entirely in the cloud on, the enterprise computing platform, Ariba Contracts is designed to help companies accelerate sales and improve revenue through real-time collaboration and more efficient and effective contracting.

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  • “At Ariba, we think companies should be able to sell goods and services needed to fuel the world economy as efficiently as people can sell furniture on eBay,” said Tim Minahan, chief marketing officer, Ariba, Inc. “Our work with will help organizations of all sizes simplify the sales contracting process and deliver revenue faster and more efficiently than ever before.”
  • “With Ariba Contracts on, commercial organizations can drive a completely paperless contracting process in the cloud, resulting in faster contracting cycle times, improved revenues and more strategic partnerships with customers,” Minahan said.
  • “With the arrival of Cloud 2, a new generation of social, real-time and mobile cloud computing apps have emerged,” said Kendall Collins, chief marketing officer for “Ariba Contracts on will enable customers to collaborate with their colleagues on contracts and data in real-time with enterprise-class contract management functionality.”
  • "Successfully managing customer relationships should also allow the participants to better manage their core business processes," said Dana Gardner, principal analyst, Interarbor Solutions. “Ariba and are better automating essential business functions by providing cloud-based solutions that flexibly align the contracts lifecycle with customer relationship management systems."

Contract Management Moving to Cloud 2 – Cloud, Collaborative and Mobile
With Ariba Contracts on, companies of all sizes will be able to streamline and manage their sales contracts and customer relationships from end-to-end by leveraging Ariba’s industry-leading contract management technology on

  • Cloud:  Ariba Contracts will be delivered entirely in the cloud with, the enterprise cloud computing platform, eliminating the complexity of client/server hardware and software to improve ease of use and increase productivity of users in real-time.
  • Collaborative: With Ariba Contracts on, companies will be able to collaborate on and execute customer contracts in a fully automated fashion. And employees will be able to use the social capabilities of Salesforce Chatter like profiles, status updates, and real-time feeds available within Ariba Contracts to collaborate on the contract management process.
  • Mobile:’s mobile capabilities enable Ariba Contracts to be instantly mobile-enabled, so contracts can be accessed and approved on mobile devices such as the Android, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone.

Ariba Contracts on Key Features
Leveraging the features and functionality of Ariba’s market-leading contract management solution, Ariba Contracts on is designed to ease the process of creating and managing contracts across categories and functions, including sales, finance, marketing, real estate, legal, procurement and IT. Sales contracting is rife with inefficiencies - often there is no standardized process to enter contract requests which results in ad hoc submissions from all factions of a commercial organization. Negotiation cycles can be delayed by offline redlining and resource-constrained legal departments.

Ariba Contracts for will eliminate the offline and paper-based inefficiencies and legal reviews that slow and even jeopardize sales cycles. The new solution will accelerate deal closure by automating the complete commercial lifecycle; provide full visibility and audit trail across the contracting process; and enhance customer relationship management with seamless integration to Salesforce.

Ariba Contracts on will deliver the tools needed to automate and simplify the entire contracting process, including:

  • A central repository to manage, store, structure and search for sales contracts.
  • An easy-to-use web-based, smart phone-enabled user interface to create, locate and connect contracts to sales opportunities.
  • Templates to drive the attributes and required elements of sales contracts.
  • Workflows to streamline sales-related commercial processes between users including legal, finance and sales operations teams.
  • Social capabilities of Salesforce Chatter, including profiles, real-time feeds, status updates and groups to foster collaboration between colleagues, contracts and data.

Ariba joins the customers and partners that have built more than 185,000 custom applications on to run key business functions, including supply chain management, compliance tracking, brand management, accounts receivable, claims processing, time-off applications and much more. provides everything companies need to quickly build and deliver business applications in the cloud, including the database, unlimited real-time customization, powerful analytics, real-time workflow and approvals, programmable cloud logic, integration, real-time mobile deployment, programmable user interface, website capabilities and Chatter social components.

Ariba Contracts on is currently scheduled for limited release in the first half of 2011. For more information please visit:
About the Platform and AppExchange 2 is the only proven enterprise platform for building and running business applications in the cloud. The platform powers the Salesforce CRM <>  ( applications, more than 1000 ISV partner applications like those from CA Technologies, and Fujitsu, and 185,000 custom applications used by’s 87,200 customers such as Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE and Sprint Nextel. also enables developers to make any enterprise app social by leveraging the social collaboration components including profiles, status updates, and real-time feeds available with Chatter.

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