Mike Vizard, blogger for the IT Business Edge, recently penned an article calling to attention Ariba's joint announcement with Salesforce.com that Ariba Contracts on Force.com will be available this coming spring.  According to Vizard, the contracting cycle at best delays and at worst kills countless sales deals, "One of the most frustrating things that any salesperson has to endure is the length of time it takes to draw up a contract and get it signed."


Vizard goes on to observe, "What’s particularly galling about this state of affairs is that most  salespeople have no visibility into the process that surrounds the  drawing up of the contracts. Without that visibility, salespeople can  exert no real influence when it comes to making sure the deal actually  gets done as first intended."


We agree.  What do you think?


Click here for the full article.


And here to learn more about Ariba Contracts on Force.com...even register to become a beta customer.