Ariba is currently working with IACCM and others on what promoises to be an interesting joint research study examining the current state of sales contracting.  Over 200 organizations have already responded to the survey, but it's not too late to respond and receive a copy of the final report.  Tim Cummins of IACCM has commented on the preliminary findings,


"Close to 50% of sales teams see their contracts / legal function as  ‘overly risk-averse’ and ‘impeding their potential deals’. That is a key  finding from IACCM’s current survey on the state of sales contracting,  in which Sales also complain about ‘slow responsiveness to their needs’. Given this data, it is not surprising that under 7% see the contracts  organization as a source of competitive advantage, or facilitating  external relationships. In fact, 87% see the function’s primary role as  risk management and mitigation – but in the context of compliance and  control, rather than partnering to ensure that business is won."


Read Tim's full post here.


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