New and Improved Contracts How To’s: Changing Contract Owners


Attrition: noun // a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength.

Attrition is a serious concern for many organizations, irrespective of the industry in which they are operating. Employees coming an going from your organization can have less of a disruptive impact if you have a process in place for handling your sensitive documents and contracts.

This week’s Ariba Knowledge Nugget will cover a routine How-To that you should consider documenting so as the door opens and closes in your organization you maintain audit, consistency and minimize impact to your organization as much as possible.

Who’s Who in the Ariba Contract World

The Workspace Owner is typically the person that created the workspace. This can be changed on the Overview Tab of the project. There can only be one Workspace Owner.

The Project Owner is also a Project Group that exists on the Teams Tab. Members of this project group have all of the same permissions as the Workspace Owner.

The Project Owner is also a role that can be configured for Project Groups defined on the Teams Tab. Members of groups with this role have all of the same permissions as the Workspace Owner

  • The Project Owner can make all changes to the project before publishing and can amend the contract afterwards
  • The Project Owner receives expiration notices for a workspace in addition to any many other project notifications
  • The role Contract Administrator is similar to the Project Owner as it can make all changes and amend. However, the Contract Administrator does not receive expiration notices.


Change Project owner Instructions


For a Publishe Contract, the contract must first be Amended. Any of the 4 Amendment types might be used, but typically, Administrative Amendment would be selected.



To change the Owner, on the Overview Tab, click Edit Overview



Click the check box to get the selection dropdown. If the name is on the list, simply select it. If not, click Search for more...



You will get a list of users or you can search by name. Click Select.



Click OK. The Owner will be changed on the Overview



Project Owner on the Teams Tab may also need to be changed. Click on the Teams Tab (when in Full View), Edit Team Members on the Actions Menu.



Remove extra Project Owners by using the Minus Sign in Red.




You could also add Projects Owners here as Team Members by clicking on name or Searching for more... When you are done, click OK.




Ariba Contract Management Roles & Responsibilities




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