We’re now ready for Step 2: add this report to your personal Dashboard. From the dashboard, click the Configure Tab icon.


When the Configure Tab menu displays, click Add Content.




Best Practice Tip
Many users will do quick searches by Contract Title. If a standard naming convention is used, users will be able to do these quick searches right from their dashboard (for example “Supplier Name, Agreement Type, Department, Effective Year,” so a contract title could read “Joe’s PC Repair, Master Agreement, IT, 2010”).



From Add Content, under the Reports subheading, click Folder.



Best Practice Tip
Notifications: End users should have an understanding of the different notifications that come out of the system, how they are triggered, and what they mean. As an example, they should understand the difference between an Expiration notification and a Notice notification, and why each is important.


Find the Personal Workspace Vault and click Select.


Close the Add Content window by clicking Done.


Finally, the Portlet will probably be at the bottom right sector of the dashboard. You can drag the Portlet to the desired location on your dashboard.



Now you can run your report right from the dashboard Portlet by clicking the Icon. 17.jpg


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