It began with 16 killer apps. And then there were four. And Ariba Contracts on, an innovative cloud offering from Ariba, was among them. As part of AppQuest 2011, an annual competition held by to identify the most promising applications within its ecosystem, Ariba Contracts on was showcased among the best new applications for enabling the Social Enterprise following a presentation at Dreamforce.


Delivered entirely in the cloud, Ariba Contracts on is designed to help companies accelerate sales and improve revenue through real-time collaboration and more efficient and effective contracting.


Independent research indicates that companies using sell-side contract management solutions can cut contracting cycles in half, increase revenue by five percent to seven percent and improve on-time renewals by 25 percent.


Few things are more social than the sales cycle. You've got to engage with multiple stakeholders both internally and externally, and to be effective, the process needs to be transparent. Unfortunately, transparency generally ends when the contracting cycle begins. And that's when it matters most.


With Ariba Contracts on, commercial organizations can drive a completely transparent and paperless contracting process in the cloud. Built on a platform that is social, mobile and open, Ariba Contracts on, delivers tools that companies of all sizes can use to streamline and manage their sales contracts and customer relationships from end-to-end, including:

  • The social capabilities of Salesforce Chatter like profiles, status updates, and real-time feeds available within Ariba Contracts, which employees can use to collaborate on and execute customer contracts in a fully automated fashion.
  • The mobile capabilities of, which enable Ariba Contracts to be instantly mobile-enabled, so contracts can be accessed and approved on mobile devices such as the Android, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone.
  • Browser-based accessibility that eliminates the complexity of client/server hardware and software and increases productivity of users.


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