Benefits of E-Signatures

  • Increased Revenue – The ability to close a contract in real time increases the probability that it will close by 50 percent, resulting in incremental business.
  • Improved Efficiency – Physically moving contracts for signature through a workflow greatly increases cycle times. Electronic signatures reduce this cycle time by up to 90 percent, from days or weeks to minutes— resulting in higher transaction volumes.
  • Reduced Cost – It costs more than $170 to process a paper transaction. An electronic signature solution can reduce this cost by up to 90 percent.
  • Security and Compliance – Electronic signatures carry the same legal effect as physical signatures and since approval workflows, signature limits, and verifications are built-in authentication and security are actually improved. Audit expense is also reduced because all contracts are securely stored.
  • Go Green – A fully paperless process that does not involve paper, toner, packaging, shipping, and fuel makes a terrific contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.



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