Thank you to those of you who attended this Webinar.  Below are a few of the questions from the sessions with their corresponding answers.  The full list of questions and answers from the session is attached to this post.  Please feel free to use Ariba Exchange to respond to this post and interact with your peers.  We look forward to speaking with you again in a future session!


Question: When we close MSA, does it close subagreement or subagreement will be active? Do we need to manualy close all subagreement manually?

Answer:   When a master agreement expires or you close it, the subagreements under it do not automatically expire or close. Instead, they expire on their individual expiration dates, or you must close them.


Question: Is there any role that can view all contracts within the company?

Answer: This depends on any access controls which have been set on your contracts.  For a list of all system groups and associated permissions go to the Administration tab and then Help > Product Documentation.  Download the Group Description Excel workbook. There are groups to allow a user to view projects with Classified access for instance, but there is not one group that will override all access controls.


Question: How to use Affected Parties box and supplier. Let's say I have a contract with mother company (supplier) but that contract would also impact some child companies - can I use for that affected parties?

Answer: Each workspace is intended to contain an agreement with one supplier.  That supplier is added to the supplier field, and by default affected parties.  If other supplier organizations are affected by this contract, such as a parent or partner relationship the affected parties field allows you to add multiple organizations to reflect this data.


Question: What is difference between effective date and effective date string?

Answer: Effective date string is a custom field that has been set in this realm to represent the effective date in a different Month, day year format.  This has been done to use with document properties being added to a main agreement.