Below is a link where you can review a recent webinar presented by Ariba's CMO and the Best Practice Center entitled Contract Template Admin - Overview, Documents, and Teams.  The Webinar description is as follows:


This session is designed as one of three sessions that will show you the best practices for editing and maintaining your Contract Templates, and is targeted at users who have the role of administering and maintaining Contract Templates. This session will give you an understanding of what you will see in the Overview section when you are working in a Contract Template. We will also discuss the Documents tab, and the best practices for working with documents and managing them within the Ariba Contract Workspace. You will get the most out of this session if you attend the sessions for “Creating a Contract Workspace” and “Managing a Contract Workspace” prior to attending this Webinar. Topics in this session will include:
     - Contract Template Overview – An understanding of what is on the Overview Tab, how to manage template versions, and how to test templates.
     - Managing the Documents Tab
          o Folder Structure
          o Uploading and maintaining documents
          o Understanding the difference between flat and assembled documents, and how they behave in the Documents area
     - Teams Tab
          o Project Groups
          o Roles
          o Best Practices