Below is a link where you can review a recent webinar presented by Ariba's CMO and the Best Practice Center entitled Managing a Contract Workspace.  The Webinar description is as follows:


This session (in conjunction with “Creating a Contract Workspace”) is designed to get you comfortable with managing a Contract Workspace throughout its lifecycle in the Ariba Contracts solution. This session is designed for someone without experience in the Ariba Contract solutions, and you will get the most out of this session if you attend “Creating a Contract Workspace” prior attending this Webinar. Topics in this session will include:
     - Searching for Existing Contracts – Best practices for locating existing Contracts in Ariba.
     - Amending Contracts
          o Review of the various Amendment types, and when it is appropriate to use each one.
          o Demonstration of how the Amendment process works.
     - Closing Contracts – Tips on what to do when a Contract comes to an end.
     - Contract History – Understand what the system captures in terms of the Workspace history.