Thank you to those of you who attended this Webinar.  Below are a few of the questions from the sessions with their corresponding answers.  The full list of questions and answers from the session is attached to this post.  Please feel free to use Ariba Exchange to respond to this post and interact with your peers.  We look forward to speaking with you again in a future session!


Question: Can we set the access controls on the message board so that if we cc'd the message board into emails only set people could gain access?

Answer:   No, the message board does not have specific access controls to limit access to certain messages.  However, the roles associated with project groups may help you limit overall access for team members using the message board.


Question: Can the user edit the mandatory tasks?

Answer: There is limited edit ability such as task name / description, but in a large part no.  Required tasks from the template cannot be canceled, made optional, or have associations changed at the workspace level.


Question: Can you cover capability around messaging functions.   For example, after I complete a task and want to inform someone in the work flow about a particular matter.  What is the best practice for this situation using the tool?

Answer: I would suggest setting predecessor tasks.  Then the system will send a notification to the task owner when the predecessor is completed and the task can be started.