Thank you to those of you who attended this Webinar.  Below are a few of the questions from the sessions with their corresponding answers.  The full list of questions and answers from the session is attached to this post.  Please feel free to use Ariba Exchange to respond to this post and interact with your peers.  We look forward to speaking with you again in a future session!


Question: If is child is selected, the parent is not included? So for your example, would 53 be excluded since it is not child of?

Answer:   Yes, this means if you use the operator "is child of" that means that when you choose the value in the hierarchy field, the codiitin will be met when any of the child values are selected not including the parent that you specified.


Question: Can you repeat what the conditions on Overview does?

Answer: When you apply a condition to the overview of the template it restricts the visibiklity of that template to the user until the condition is satisfied.