Understanding Tasks: End users can get confused by the different task types as they start to use the system.  Clearly defining the difference between to do, review, approve, negotiate and signature tasks is important.  End users should have an understanding of when and why each task type is used in their process, and what other parties are involved.


Detailed Task Descriptions: Within the contracting process, users should be trained to go to the Tasks tab if they don’t know what to do, and within a Task, to look at the Task Description for further direction.  This only works, of course, if there are detailed task descriptions.  Eventually the process becomes second nature to users, but on initial use, it’s helpful to be directed.  This also becomes a built in training aid for new users.


Notifications: End users should have an understanding of the different notifications that come out of the system, how they are triggered, and what they mean.  As an example, they should understand the difference between an Expiration notification and a Notice notification, and why each is important.


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