There are 6 Task Types in Ariba


  1. To Do Task – Reminder of action for the task owner
  2. Document To Do Task – Reminder of action for task owner related to a document
  3. Review/Approval/Negotiation Tasks
  4. Tasks that include routing of a document for review or approval
  5. Allows configuration of reviewer-approver flow by conditions
  6. Allows reviewers/approvers to modify approval flow, submit comments, and attachments and, according to configuration, edit documents


  • Notification Task – a single or recurring email notice based on a fixed date or linked to a project date field
  • Signature Tasks – Optional feature to obtain electronic signatures on PDFs through DocuSign
  • Review, Approve, Negotiate and Signature must be associated with Documents or Folders
  • ToDo and Notify are optionally associated with Documents or Folders



Are used to set up workflow in the workspace

Can be Optional or Required and can have Conditions

Can be part of the template or added ad hoc

Can be “linked” through the predecessor process so creating actual workflow

Can have notifications and due dates

Can be organized into Phases



Best Practices for Workflow


Don’t overdo the number of tasks. Ideal: about 12

More than 12, the tasks are tedious and overwhelming

Less than 12, workflow isn’t captured

Don’t use Tasks for simply for Work Instructions

Work Instructions should be in the description

When to use a task:

Passage of time between the start and expected finish: due dates and overdue reminders

Reporting: cycle time, task durations, KPIs.

Task completion sets Process Status: Deal Progress Reporting