Find suppliers to make sourcing events more competitive.
This Quick Start Guide will help you get the most out of your sourcing solution by tapping into a community of over 300,000 suppliers on the Ariba Discovery™ service (Ariba Discovery).

Access Ariba Discovery through the Ariba Sourcing™ solution (Ariba Sourcing)—no need for login or password.

  1. In the CREATE menu at the top of the page or in the COMMON ACTIONS dialog box on the left of your screen, select SUPPLIER DISCOVERY POSTING.
  2. This will take you to the HOW DISCOVERY WORKS page where you can read step-by-step instructions or access any account features by clicking the MY ACCOUNT tab.

Create a posting to start getting proposals from suppliers on the Ariba® Network whose capabilities match your needs.

  1. Click on POST NOW from the HOW DISCOVERY WORKS page or CREATE A POSTING from the MY ACCOUNTS tab. Postings are created in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Describe Posting

  1. Enter a TITLE for your posting.
    • Tip: Your title should be brief, but descriptive enough to help suppliers understand what you are looking for, e.g., LCD TV, shipping pallets, market research, etc.
  2. Provide a DESCRIPTION for your posting to tell suppliers exactly what you are looking for, your requirements, the scope of work, and your expectations.
    • Tip: Clearly inform suppliers what you require so you get the appropriate response, e.g., detailed description of goods or services, delivery requirements, certifications such as green or minority, and what it will take to move to the next stage in the selection process.
  3. Select your COMMODITY for the goods or services you need to ensure that your posting is matched with the most qualified suppliers. You can either SEARCH or BROWSE for commodities.
    • Tip: It is more effective to search by the category of commodity, rather than the exact item by name, e.g., beverages rather than bottled water. If goods or services can be classified in multiple ways, select multiple commodities to access the best set of suppliers.
  4. Select the TERRITORY where goods or services should be delivered.
  5. Enter an estimated PROJECT AMOUNT to help suppliers qualify the scope and determine if they have the capability to meet your business needs.
  6. Enter a RESPONSE DEADLINE to indicate the date responses will no longer be accepted.
    • Tip: It is recommended to leave a posting open for at least 5 business days to get the best results.

Step 2 – Invite Suppliers and Set Preferences
Send invitations in addition to those automatically matched to your needs by the system (optional).

  1. Select a SUPPLIER NOTIFICATION option to determine how the system automatically matches suppliers to your posting.
    • Tip: It is recommended you keep the default selection, allowing the system to intelligently match the best suppliers to your request
  2. To INCLUDE ADDITIONAL SUPPLIERS, you can add from your FAVORITES or SPECIFY SUPPLIERS who are not yet on the Ariba Network.
  3. Check the appropriate boxes under SUPPLIER PREFERENCES to indicate your requirements for working with diversity suppliers or those with green initiatives.
    • 9-21-2010 3-05-53 PM.png
  4. If you are looking to receive bids from suppliers, e.g., for a spot buy, check REQUIRE A BID FROM SUPPLIERS THAT RESPOND.
    • Tip: This option is best used for a spot buy/quick RFQ where you require 3 bids prior to making an immediate purchase.
  5. Select the PRIVACY SETTINGS to determine how you would like your supplier list, company name, and contact information displayed in the posting. If you choose to HIDE MY COMPANY NAME, you will be prompted for an alias.
    • Tip: If you choose not to show your company name, use an alias that will give suppliers an idea of your business, e.g., Global Computer Manufacturer, Fortune 500 Electronics, etc.


Step 3 – Review and Publish
See how your posting will look when viewed by suppliers.


  1. Review the information you have entered. To see how your posting will be viewed by suppliers, click on SUPPLIER VIEW.
  2. If you need to make changes, click the PREVIOUS button to go back.
  3. Once you are satisfied, click PUBLISH.
  4. Your posting will be live on Ariba Discovery within 10 minutes.

Review responses, answer questions, or edit postings from a centralized location.


  1. Access your postings through the Ariba Discovery portlet on your Ariba Sourcing dashboard by clicking on the Sourcing tab. This portlet shows the status of your postings and lists the number of responses and questions for each posting.
    • 9-21-2010 3-31-43 PM.png
  2. Click on a posting and it will take you directly into Ariba Discovery, where you can view the questions and responses in more detail.
    • 9-21-2010 3-32-45 PM.png
  3. A POSTING ACTIVITY box appears on the right of the screen to provide an at-a-glance summary.
  4. To answer a question, simply click on the question and a dialog box will appear for you to type your response.
    • Tip: Leave POST THIS QUESTION AND ANSWER SO ALL SUPPLIERS CAN SEE IT checked to create a mini-FAQ and reduce future queries.
  5. When you receive responses, click on VIEW RESPONSE to see the details of each supplier response.
  6. To return to Ariba Sourcing, simply click on RETURN TO SOURCING in the top right.

Easily include newly discovered suppliers into sourcing events.


  1. You can import suppliers into Ariba Sourcing from the list of responses to a posting or from your list of favorites.
    • Tip: You can only import suppliers into Ariba Sourcing once, so be sure to create your short list before clicking IMPORT TO SOURCING.
  2. If you want to add a supplier to a sourcing event, simply select the supplier by checking the box next to the supplier name and then clicking IMPORT TO SOURCING.

9-21-2010 3-33-46 PM.png

Post an Ariba Sourcing project simultaneously on Ariba Discovery to drive competitiveness (alternative posting option).


  1. After completing your project in Ariba Sourcing, click PUBLISH.
  2. Part way down the confirmation screen you will be prompted to CREATE A SUPPLIER DISCOVERY POSTING.
  3. The title, description, and response deadline are automatically populated.
  4. Make any edits, add the commodity and project amount, and click PUBLISH.
  5. This posting will now be matched and distributed to competitive suppliers through Ariba Discovery.
    • Tip: Let the event run simultaneously on Ariba Sourcing and Ariba Discovery. Before the sourcing event ends, import any suppliers back into the sourcing event to drive competitiveness.