Ariba Discovery is a unique, high quality listing that includes local and global suppliers of the Ariba Supplier Network – where you cannot get anywhere else.  A comprehensive database combining Ariba supplier and community provided data at your fingertips that includes Minority / diversity business certifications.  It tells you which suppliers are actively transacting with other Ariba customers, and how many relationships they have.  RFI / RFP postings lead to automated distribution to qualified suppliers or you can invite specific suppliers through directory search.  A central dashboard allows you to manage responses, do follow-up, and even award business.  Ariba Discovery is integrated into Ariba Sourcing.  Buyers can access the service directly from Sourcing RFP creation page.


Insider Tips to Using Ariba Discovery:

  • Be very specific about what you are asking for.
  • Titles should be catchy, but to the point of what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Descriptions need to be heavy enough to tell suppliers exactly what the buyer wants, what the requirements are, what the expectations are and what the scope of work is.
  • On the commodity selection, try not to be too specific.  Use the parent category, if possible, in case the supplier hasn’t drilled down all the way.
  • If asking for pricing, ask them to break it down by item and upload an attachment.
  • Ask for references.
  • Ask for general background info that is specific to the area of work to complete industry specific diligence.
  • Look at how they responded. Were they professional? Did the meet the requirements?
  • Rate the suppliers.  Ratings thrive only when supported by the community.
  • Align usage to organizational objectives, and position Discovery as the tool to meet the objective.
  • Take a top-down management approach.