Many savvy Sourcing professionals use the month of December to perform supplier research.  By tackling this effort now, they wisely position themselves to be able to execute Sourcing programs in early January. Any qualified suppliers identified during this end-of-year time period will save buying organizations time in January and also deliver incremental savings potential when these newly identified sources of supply are included in their Sourcing programs in the future.


Ariba Discovery is the fastest and easiest way to identify potential suppliers to make your sourcing events more competitive and drive savings upwards of 15% per project.


Ariba Discovery offers buying organizations a free and easy-to-use tool to post new business opportunities and have them automatically matched and distributed to relevant suppliers, drawing from a base of companies located in 130 countries and representing more than 400 industries.


You can learn more by joining a live demonstration of Ariba Discovery on December 8th where we will:


  • Explain how Ariba Discovery addresses buyers’ top concerns around their supplier sourcing process
  • Walk through how Discovery matches buyers’ needs with qualified suppliers
  • Demonstrate how to gain value from Discovery in just three easy steps
  • Give an overview of Discovery supplier community profile


To Register:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register for Live Demo!”
  3. On the registration form, check “Ariba Discovery”, enter your information and click submit