Companies are proving that Ariba Discovery can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to identify new sources of supply and, at the same time, also generate incremental savings to their Sourcing programs.


With Ariba Discovery you can:


1. Create posts in just five minutes. That’s all it takes to write up your specifications and post them on Ariba Discovery.


2. Customize your post to find the right supplier. Using rich profiles, you can find suppliers that meet criteria for green initiatives, diversity certification and e-commerce readiness.  You can easily identify multi-lingual and multi-currency suppliers.


3. Reach out to suppliers in 130 countries in 400 industries. The depth and breadth of the Ariba Network helps you with any sourcing need, including one-off spending, non-strategic spend, indirect spend, low-cost spend and services spend. 


4. Field responses in as quickly as one day. Once your post is up, those interested deliver their bids, and any additional information you request, to your desktop.


5. Drive down costs by as much as 15 percent. Posting to Ariba Discovery taps you into a network of 350,000 suppliers competing for your business.


For Ariba sourcing customers, go to your Ariba sourcing application and click Discovery tab to create your next post.


New to Ariba sourcing, go directly to to create you first post!


For more information about Ariba Discovery customer success stories, datasheet and live demo schedule, visit: