Ohio State University is utilizing Ariba Discovery to lower costs and improve buying efficiency. As a public sector entity, subject to government regulations, they are required to announce their postings not only to all of their existing suppliers but also to the market in a public forum. With Ariba Discovery they can accomplish both of these tasks quickly and easily.


Ariba Discovery has introduced more supplier competition to their sourcing events and enabled Ohio State University to receive more favorable pricing from a larger group of capable suppliers.


Additionally, Ohio State University is leveraging Ariba Discovery to transition from a paper based quoting system to an electronic system, driving not only cost savings for their organization but also environmental sustainability.


Learn more by watching the complete video below:





Find suppliers quickly and easily. Five minutes is all it takes to create a posting of what you’re looking for. Your request is matched with high-quality suppliers in 130 countries and representing more than 400 industries.


Drive down costs by as much as 15 percent. Ariba Discovery opens the door to the Ariba Network with more than 350,000 suppliers worldwide. Most have a global reach and are engaged in supplier diversity and/or green initiatives.


Pay nothing! Ariba Discovery is already part of Ariba’s On-Demand Sourcing solution. There’s no additional cost.


Check out Ariba Discovery today at http://www.ariba.com/solutions/discovery-for-buyers.cfm or send an email to Discovery_Info@ariba.com