Ariba Discovery streamlines Supplier Discovery and Assessment and is included as a standard feature with your Ariba Sourcing License.  Key features include:


Supplier Directory

  • A unique, high quality listing that includes local and global suppliers of the Ariba Supplier Network (currently more than 300,000 active Suppliers)
  • Comprehensive database combining Ariba, Supplier and Community provided data, at your fingertips
  • Minority/diversity business certifications
  • Which Suppliers are actively transacting with other Ariba Customers, and how many relationships they have

Automated Supplier Matching System

  • RFI/RFP posting leads to automated distribution to qualified suppliers
  • Ability to invite specific suppliers through Directory Search
  • Central dashboard to manage responses, do follow-up and even award business

For additional information regarding Ariba Discovery, please view the "Creating Supplier Discovery Postings in Ariba Sourcing" Tutorial, located within the "Tutorials" tab in the "Help" Section of your Ariba Sourcing Solution.  Please speak with your Ariba Customer Success Manager if you are interested in scheduling a demonstration of Ariba Discovery




Michael Megerian is a Customer Success  Manager with Ariba. All customers are invited to join the private Customer Success group on Ariba Exchange, where you can access the Customer Success Spotlights, Lunch 'n Learn Webinar calendar and replays, and the Ariba Knowledge Nuggets.