By using Ariba Discovery, Stage Stores reduced their sourcing time from 45 days to 3 days, doubled the number of participants normally bidding in their sourcing events and achieved 14% cost savings per store.


Stage Stores had been using a manual and lengthy supplier identification process which made it difficult to qualify vendors and manage RFPs. With Ariba Discovery, they are able to quickly identify qualified suppliers, apply powerful search capabilities, and improve efficiency via paperless communication through Ariba technology.


               “We currently source everything we can through Ariba Discovery. Having all those vendors at your fingertips leads to more competitive bids and lower costs.”                          – Chris Uriarte, Sourcing Manager, Stage Stores    


Ariba Discovery puts a world of suppliers at your fingertips, driving competitiveness in your sourcing events and delivering more qualified supplier bids more efficiently.


With Ariba Discovery companies can source more categories, manage RFPs, respond to bids, award contracts, and more, all on a single platform. And by accelerating sourcing cycle and savings, resources can be focused on more strategic and profitable initiatives.


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