Like many other companies trying to expand internationally, EASI Germany was having a hard time securing business from abroad. While EASI Germany delivers superior facility management services at competitive prices, finding the right opportunities and getting exposure to these companies was a challenge.


When Markus Hilmes, Operating Manager at EASI Germany, found out about Ariba Discovery, he decided to give it a try and set up his profile. In November 2010, his company was invited to participate in an RFI from Abercrombie and Fitch through Ariba Discovery. The Fortune 500 retailer was looking to expand into Europe and needed facility management services. Markus saw this as a good fit and completed a very detailed RFI on Ariba Discovery. Some weeks later he received an email to make contact. After a few lengthy telephone conversations, EASI Germany was awarded several contracts for facilities management at newly established Abercrombie and Fitch locations in Europe. This initial business was concluded in December 2010 and resulted in approximately 500,000 Euros per year.


"Without Ariba Discovery we wouldn't have even heard about this and now we have an opportunity to grow our business as they grow theirs,” said Hilmes.


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For more information on how EASI landed nearly $1 million in contracts on Ariba Discovery, read the press release and watch Markus Hilmes' presentation from AribaLIVE 2010.


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