You and your sourcing team have put a lot of time and energy into the hunt for new suppliers. Reviewing trade publications, cruising the Web, seeking referrals, hiring consultants, hanging out in trade shows. No wonder the process consumes nearly 30% of your resources!


By using Ariba Discovery, in just five minutes, you can create a posting of what you're looking for. Ariba automatically matches it with high-quality suppliers, drawing from a base of companies located in 130 countries and representing more than 400 industries. Those interested deliver their bids, and any additional information you request, securely through the system.


Business is agile, so how can you change with it? Ariba's directory is built with rich profiles to help you find the right supplier for any challenging sourcing event. Like when your team lacks sufficient expertise for sourcing a new category. Or when your sourcing parameters include specialized requirements, such as involvement in green initiatives, diversity certification, and e-commerce readiness. Profiles are well maintained by suppliers and include details about RFP contact, company size, references, the number of actively transacting relationships, and more.
Some markets experience high supplier turnover, especially the services market or those negatively impacted by turbulent economies. When this happens, your approved vendor lists and traditional sources of supplier information can quickly become outdated. Instead of relying on old time-consuming ways of doing things, explore Ariba Discovery. With so many buyers and suppliers coming online to do business every day, suppliers are motivated to routinely update their business profiles. This gives you quick access to searchable, up-to-date information.
Supplier Discovery Consumes Significant Resources: Nearly 30% of Cycle Time


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