Ariba Discovery Features


Powerful Matching Engine
Fast online registration and a three-step posting process make it simple for buyers to start receiving proposals from suppliers whose capabilities match their needs.
  • Ariba Discovery postings can be quickly and easily created on the web or in the Ariba Sourcing™ solution (Ariba Sourcing).
  • User-friendly navigation and clear, straightforward language let both functional buyers such as marketing and IT managers and experienced sourcing and procurement professionals obtain rapid results.
  • Ability to enter rich text descriptions of needed items or services enables buyers to control the level of detail they want.
  • Supports inclusion of 10 attachments using up to 20 megabytes.
  • Works equally well for complex, strategic sourcing or fast, tactical purchases.
  • Option to use automatic matching or hand-select individual suppliers


Consolidated, Highly Qualified Supply Base
Access to a large number of active, high-quality suppliers across every spend category eliminates the need to source through slower, more cumbersome methods.
  • A unique database that incorporates transactional-, supplier-, and community-provided information that cannot be found anywhere else
  • Includes suppliers across a broad range of industries from the Ariba® Network who are actively trading with top buying organizations in the world today
  • Visibility into the number of transacting relationships suppliers have with other buying organizations accurately reveals experience levels
  • Detailed supplier profile information provides exceptional clarity on vendor qualifications
  • Suppliers can be searched by special characteristics such as minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses as well as other diversity criteria such as green initiatives


Efficient Dashboard Management
Convenient dashboard access enables buyers to rapidly and effectively manage all account activities directly from Ariba Discovery or any Ariba Sourcing solutions
  • Bookmarking can be used to create and edit a list of favorite suppliers
  • Automated alerts inform buyers of incoming bids
  • Buyers can post opportunities, review responses, and award contracts from a single location
  • Users can drill down into supplier profiles for additional data such as contact information, special certifications, sales territories served, and more
  • Members of the same buying organization can view each other’s postings and the responses that prospective suppliers have provided—enabling better team collaboration and evaluation in the supplier discovery process


Activity Reporting
Gain access to monthly account activity reports.
  • Buyers are able to view activity on each of their Ariba Discovery postings, including the number of times viewed and response statistics


Community Ratings and References

Buyers can rate suppliers on multiple criteria using a simple fi ve-star ranking system and provide supplier references that allow other buyers to better evaluate vendors in their selection process.

  • Ability to search supplier ratings and references helps buying organizations determine whether they wish to work with specific suppliers before they solicit an Ariba Discovery posting response
  • Facilitates peer based support through shared knowledge with other buyers


Powerful Search Capabilities

Buyers can use comprehensive search features to seek out specific suppliers according to a wide range of characteristics.

  • Buyers can search by company name, commodity class, sales territory, industry, stock symbol, annual revenue, years in business, number of employees, diversity certifications, and more
  • Enhanced commodity chooser with the stemming and drill-down feature allows for easier navigation and more accurate search
  • Supports compliance with government contracts, EEO legislation, and internal diversity purchasing initiatives through ability to identify women-, veteran-, minority-owned, and green businesses plus many other relevant certifications
  • The Ariba Ready™ program (Ariba Ready) search option helps identify suppliers with best-practice trading processes and exceptional transaction and content solutions
  • Free-text search capabilities with synonym library that maps over 30,000 synonym terms to the UNSPSC-based commodity tree broaden options even further


Online Communications Support

Ariba Discovery allows for direct messaging between buyers and suppliers on postings.

  • Buyers can respond to questions sent by suppliers and have the option to publish the correspondence to their Ariba Discovery posting—creating a mini-FAQ section


Flexible Access

Ariba Discovery offers several points of entry, making it easily accessible to both new and experienced Ariba users.

  • Publicly available from any computer with a web browser at
  • Can be accessed through links included in the on-demand Ariba Sourcing (Basic and Professional) solution and the CD Ariba Sourcing (Hosted and Installed) solution Accessible through any account to buyers already using the Ariba Network


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