logo.gifClearChoice Careers is an online advertising and recruiting services firm that promotes their clients' vacancies on over hundred of job boards across the Internet. It also finds the right candidates and creates a shortlist of the best talent. Its clients only receive one invoice rather than having to deal with hundred of invoices they would typically incurr by posting job vacancies themselves.


ClearChoice Careers joined the Ariba network on request of its customers and was positively surprised how it improved the administration process and provided for more on-time payments.

“We joined the Ariba Network with little knowledge of what impact it  would make upon our business. We were pleasantly surprised by how Ariba  streamlined our cash management and accounting administration processes. We’ve achieved a 500 percent increase in gross profit from year one to  year two of trading, and I see Ariba as being an integral tool to our  expansion plans being realized.” Shirley Brzeski, Managing Director,  ClearChoiceCareers, Ltd.


ClearChoice also benefited from enhanced market prominence through Ariba Discovery. The service has put ClearChoice on the radar of many more prospective clients.

"We are a young emerging company, and to be able to pitch what we do to the giants of the world is always going to be a challenge. We joined Ariba Discovery this year with a view of opening up more leads and potential, and it's been working really well  for us so far."


Watch the video below for more information on how ClearChoice leveraged eCommerce and Ariba Discovery to increase sales of their services.




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Download the ClearChoice Careers Case Study.