wd-logo.jpgWinn-Dixie is one of the largest food retailers in the United States with 484 stores in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Like many companies, Winn-Dixie is constantly on the lookout for new suppliers. But seller identification typically is a time-consuming process, and securing highest-quality materials can come at considerable cost. Providing for uninterrupted supply and scale while discovering innovative ideas, products, and solutions pose additional challenges.


The Challenge

Winn-Dixie wanted to find new ways to reduce cost and source innovative and high-quality products for its customers. Before using Ariba Discovery, the sourcing process took very long. The research required to find potential suppliers, qualify them, and ensure that they were capable of delivering the goods and services needed could take anywhere from three to eight weeks.


One area of needed improvement was around common area maintenance - basically, the areas around stores where you might need gardening services, snow removal and the like. With nearly 500 stores, Winn-Dixie was working with literally hundreds of vendors for this single item.


The Solution

Winn-Dixie was approached by their Ariba account manager about using Discovery as a way to source new suppliers. On Ariba Discovery, Winn-Dixie can receive multiple seller responses from both local and national vendors on a single project. The buyer can also post open-ended RFPs so sellers can propose new ideas and solutions that might not have been considered.


Winn-Dixie decided to give Ariba Discovery a try to locate a new regional vendor that could help consolidate the 100 vendors down to a more manageable number. Once Winn-Dixie tried it, they were sold.


"Ariba Discovery was so easy to adopt that our sourcing managers today say, 'I don't start a project without it'." Brett Mauser, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Winn-Dixie

The Results

Using Discovery, Winn-Dixie was able to source a single vendor to take over the whole operation. They were able to select a single vendor, one they hadn't even known existed, and streamline their business. Winn-Dixie was able to do so at 28 percent savings over what they were paying before and get a fair market price for a quality service.


The ease of use and time savings for finding new suppliers was immediate. With Ariba Discovery, the retailer was able to shorten the cycle time down to days, in some cases even down to hours.


For Winn-Dixie, sourcing on Discovery is more than just finding new suppliers - it's about finding new ways to solve problems. In many cases, Winn-Dixie will specifically post an open-ended RFP so that they see what innovative solutions Discovery sellers will propose - opening their eyes up to many different alternatives for solving a problem.


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