Presentation1.jpgAs a buyer on Ariba Discovery, you want to make sure your profile is complete. A fully completed buyer profile is one key to success through Ariba Discovery. Sellers review the information in your profile and, in many cases, decide whether or not to respond based on the information it provides. This new Discovery feature - housing detailed information within your profile - is, therefore, critically important. The more information that you include, the more you help sellers understand who you are and your specific buying needs.


Completing your profile on Ariba Discovery only takes a few minutes and enables sellers to provide you with better and more accurate responses.


To update your profile, after accessing Discovery from your Ariba Sourcing Solution:


  1. Click the Manage Profile link at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Company Profile link and complete all fields, then click Ok.
  3. Click the Company Business Information link and complete all fields, then click Ok.
  4. Click the Company Detail link and complete all fields, then click Ok.


To learn more about managing your profile, please review the video tutorial. For more information, visit Ariba Discovery, or send an email to