This is the fourth post in a series on new features introduced to Ariba Discovery on October 22. The changes improve the site experience for both buyers and sellers, and I would like to provide you with an overview of what's new and how to take advantage of the added functionalities. The first article covered the new single sign-on functionality, the second one the enhanced location selection, the third one the posting progress enhancements, and this one improvements to the matching engine and business opportunity emails. The last post in this series will cover event monitoring interface enhancements in Ariba Sourcing.

Improvements to Matching Engine and Email Notifications

With release 8, Ariba Discovery has improved its matching engine. While matching was previously done at category level 1 and 2, it will now only occur at level 3 and 4. We decided to make this modification to provide our sellers with more precise and targeted matches. You will receive only the most relevant leads by email, allowing you to focus on those business opportunities that best match your business. You will receive notifications based on the following criteria:


  • Ariba Discovery only does exact matches; we will not expand matches up the commodity tree
  • We will only send notifications that match at level 3 and level 4
  • When you come to our site or view our emails, all leads will be sorted first by category level and then by territory, according to this order:
    • Level 4 + State
    • Level 4 + Country
    • Level 4 + Global
    • Level 3+ State
    • Level 3 + Country
    • Level 3 + Global

Here's What You Need to Do

In order for your to take advantage of these improvements, you will have to ensure that your profile is complete and up-to-date. Make sure that you expand your level 2 commodities and select your level 3 and 4 commodities - otherwise you might miss out on relevant leads for your business. Also, you want to make your sales territory as specific as possible.


Ariba Discovery provides you with real buying opportunities submitted by real buyers.  Don’t miss out by having the wrong commodities or locations!


Log in now to update your profile and select your level 3 and 4 commodities.


Coming soon: Insights on more functionalities recently introduced with Ariba Discovery release 8: event monitoring interface enhancements in Ariba Sourcing.