This is the fifth post in a series on new features introduced to Ariba Discovery on October 22. The changes improve the site experience for both buyers and sellers, and I would like to provide you with an overview of what's new and how to take advantage of the added functionalities. The first article covered the new single sign-on functionality, the second one the enhanced location selection, the third one the posting process enhancements, and the fourth one improvements to the matching engine and business opportunity emails. This last post in the series covers event monitoring interface enhancements in Ariba Sourcing.


Enhancements to Ariba Sourcing Users

Many buyer customers of Ariba Discovery access the service through their Ariba Sourcing interface. With Ariba Discovery release 8 and Ariba Sourcing version 11s1 SP2, these customers can now benefit from enhancements. Ariba Sourcing leverages Ariba Discovery and enables you to review responses, answer questions, or edit postings within Ariba Sourcing on the Discovery Supplier tab. Now, you can view the number of unread responses to your postings and eIntros directly on the Discovery Suppliers tab. This enables you to quickly determine if you have new Ariba Discovery responses when you first access the event monitoring interface.




For more information about viewing Ariba Discovery responses in the event monitoring interface, see Chapter 9 “Postings on Ariba Discovery”, in the Ariba Event Management Guide.


Log in to your Ariba Sourcing solution to view the enhanced Ariba Discovery feature, or log in to Ariba Discovery at