ProformaLogo.jpgIn a competitive business environment smaller suppliers compete with larger, more, well-known suppliers for customers who are increasingly cost conscious. Smaller suppliers must not only differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack, but also streamline their sales process to reduce overall costs.    


Proforma is a top ranking supplier of print and promotional products throughout North America. The company has over 650 strategic marketing consultants and 15,000 product manufactures across North America to serve its customers.     



Proforma Quicksilver, a Proforma franchise, faced significant challenges in the competitive print and promotional products market. The company needed to emphasize its customer service as a market differentiator from larger competitors. In addition, Proforma Quicksilver needed to reduce costs to compete and streamline the company's lead generation process.  



To streamline its sales processes, Proforma Quicksilver began using Ariba Discovery to identify sales leads. Through Ariba Discovery, the company received a notification every time a new lead for promotional products was posted on Ariba Discovery


"I love that I can walk up to my computer in the morning and there’s a stock of leads from Ariba Discovery waiting for me. Our business is all about leads, but usually it’s more difficult to get them. Ariba Discovery is a very inexpensive way to get leads – both time – and money-wise its very efficient” – Cory Becker, Owner, Proforma Quicksilver


As a result of using the Ariba Network and Ariba Punchout, Proforma Quicksilver is now able to showcase its products and centralize customer orders. Ariba Discovery also allowed prospective buyers to quickly identify Proforma Quicksilver as a women-owned business and green initiative supplier. 



Proforma Quicksilver was able to respond to three leads and secured an initial $10,000 order and subsequent orders from a mid-sized buyer.  The company was shortlisted for a $1 million order and also received two customer recommendations on Ariba Discovery which may lead to future business opportunities. 


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