integrated.jpgSelling services online or through traditional marketing channels is not always as easy as 1-2-3.  After all, you are selling a service and not a tangible product that potential customers can see or touch. 


The complexities of selling services may vary depending on the type of service one is trying to sell. Irrespective of the level of complexity, there will always be common challenges over finding the proper buyer and identifying their current purchasing needs. 


Integrated Building Maintenance, which provides property services for commercial buildings nationwide, was using traditional marketing channels as well as social media to attract new customers, but with limited success.  



Integrated Building Maintenance provides services such as HVAC repair, roof repair, disaster clean up, snow removal, and landscaping for commercial properties.  The company had trouble identifying buyers with current purchasing needs through traditional marketing channels.  In addition, leads coming from the company website often did not represent active buying opportunities.  It had evaluated numerous e-procurement platforms, but these platforms did not allow the company to highlight its distinguishing characteristics.   



Integrated Building Maintenance was already a member of the Ariba Network and had received business and leads for a number of years.  The company decided to try Ariba Discovery to see how it would generate additional leads from new buyers. 


Through Ariba Discovery, the supplier receives an e-mail notification each time a new matching lead is posted on the Ariba Discovery website. The company signed up for the Ariba Discovery Advantage Plus Package, which provides an unlimited number of free responses and maximum visibility with buyers.  It also leverages Ariba LIVE and the Commerce Summit to collaborate with buyers and stay on top of sourcing trends.



Using Ariba Discovery, the supplier was able to differentiate itself from its competitors by highlighting its tech capabilities, green initiatives, and broad service lines.

Ariba Discovery has expanded our lead funnel by 35 percent.  Plus due to the collaborative nature of this service, leads are typically about 20 percent more qualified than those coming from other e-marketing sources.” – Blake Stillman, Marketing Manager, Integrated Building Maintenance.

Through the use of Ariba Discovery, Blake and his team secured a $500,000 snow removal contract from a leading retail chain and recently bid to provide additional services at other locations to expand the contract to over $1.4 million.  The supplier also increased its prospect pool, receiving average buyer response rates of 15 percent and higher lead conversion rates when compared to other lead generation methods. 


Now, did that seem as easy as 1-2-3?


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