Gardner.pngDana Gardner from ZDNet just posted a new BriefingsDirect podcast from Ariba LIVE in Las Vegas. It explores the latest in cloud-based collaboration commerce and points to Ariba Discovery for lead generation opportunities. For this podcast, Gardner interviewed executives from Mediafly, a startup that delivers cloud-based applications for content management and distribution on mobile devices for Fortune 500 companies. You can listen to the podcast, find it on iTunes/iPod, and read a full transcript or download a copy.


Mediafly is an Ariba customer and a supplier on Ariba Discovery. Here's how Mediafly executive John Evarts assesses the matchmaking service:

"We feel that this Ariba Discovery concept is extremely valuable to us as a small organization, as we look to scale as a lead generation opportunity and ultimately, as we’re transacting business." John Evarts, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Mediafly


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